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Thiruppani Karisalkulam mariamman temple

Thiruppani Karisalkulam mariamman temple


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   Thirupani  karisalkulam   is a village  , which is  8 km from   Thirunel veli town , The great   speacility  of the temple  is the festival   that is held there,

     This festival starts   16   days  before  aAdi amavasai (New moon day   in July-august)>it is called KLodai festival  ,The sun day  previous to the starting, the potters  would make two dolls, paint them  and keep them in the Mariamman temple. They are  called Anal maari(Mariamma of burning embers)   and Agni Mari (Mariamma  of fire).These dolls   would be decorated   and offerings made  to them. An important   washer man  of the village, would get  cooked rice from people  , offer them to those   two maris and  would distribute  it to all people, .Men would dance  and sweetly sing  about their stories(I could not get them)

  On Tuesdays early morning   at 3 AM a ritual called  “ Kayiru kuthuthal” would take place.This  is  driving in needle below the hips of the dolls, attach thread    and draw it to the other side of the doll. After  this the two Maris would come in procession in a flower   chariot

   Then what is called  “poomalai  yerivathu (throwing of garlands)”    would take place, . It is nothing but decorating small children with flowers   and asking them to accompany  the chariot. The next Wednesday when the chariots  come to a halt a worship called  “Odukku poojai” would take place. This consists of  ladies ofd each house  of the village cooking  rice in a new pot and bringing it to the hme  of the chief(washerman) ,He will carry them and offer it to both the  Maris

     Later  goat  and cock would be cut  and offered  and later that  tailor would take both Maris to the burial ground,. Then he will take a stick of Kul kuthi draw lines  on the mari Am,mans and all people   would return without   seeing back to their homes

    People who treated those Maris as their babies, decorated  them and fed them, would cry uncontrollably,

     Some people do a sort of penance   thinking of these  goddesses  ,

 You can have a glimpse  of festival


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Karaikadu Pachai Vaazhi amman temple , Cuddalore

 Karaikadu Pachai  Vaazhi amman temple  , Cuddalore


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Karaikadu  is a locality  near Cuddaore  town. It seems  Goddess parvathi  once did thapas addressed to pataleeswara(Shiva).All her friends  and helps were sitting around her,When Lord Shiva came  it seems she told that  she   is going to stay  there  as “Pachai Vaazhi amman(God who takes   care of greens)   along with her frends,God shiva agreed   and goddess  Pachai vaazhi amman started  staying here along with her `18 friends and guards,

   Initially it was a small temples. This area  came under  control  of Nawabs and their n minister  wanted  to remove  this temple. It seems the local people  objected saying that she is the goddess taking care of them.  The minister said that  next day  he will  come along with his people  and remove  this temple. The people were agitated  and all night  they stood guard to the temple  , Next day   a servant of minister came   and told that  the minister  was attacked  by small pox   and he will not  remove the temple.

   The people went and met him   and he was in a pitiable condition   and requested them to  pray the Goddess  for him. The people went back and started   doing Abhisheka with water  and soon the minister got cured. He  helped them to  build a big temple there.  There  is a belief locally that  Queen Victoria hearing about it had come   and visited the temple  and helped  them for development  of the temple. It seems she gave  an order that no one should occupy that land

     As soon as we enter  the temple  there is a Bali peeds and Nandi.If we turn left there is a mud statue of  Vaazh muni, Laada muni  , Veda  muni  , Muthu muni, Karumuni, Chemmuni , kumbha mnuni  and  on its left sideThapa Rishi  , Irupallaa. Maaya  veera, Madhurai veera, anthara  veera, Thanthira  veeran and Ananda veeran, Then there  are separate  sub temples   to Idumban   and Pavadai Rayan.

    Then in the Maha   there are  made odf earth ,  Pachai Vaazhi amman, Pillayar, Muruka , Parvathi and Paramashiva   are there

    Then there  is a big sanctum where  Pachai vaazhi amman with four hands, Holding in her right hand a staff  and in her  left hand  the Vel. She   is in a   standing  position

    On her right are  Ardha  Nareeswara  and Maha Vishnu  and on her left are  Vengai malayamman, evvengayamman, Karu  Vengayamman, Sita Lakshmi amman, Kathayi amman., Muthu kumara   swami, Muthu kumathiyappan, Subrahmanya , C Valliu, Deivanai, Pachai vengayamman, Aghora   vengayamman, Thiru malai  kanniyamman, Pookurathiyamman, Mudi velMudiyazhaki amman in a row.We can go inside  the sanctum and do worship

    Outside  you have  small  temples   dedicated to Dakshayaniyamman, Durgai amman, Dandayudha pani   and Muthu  Kumara swami


   In the chithirai(aproil-may) a ten day   festival  is held in the temple.On the  tenth day   there  is A marriage  of Lord Subrahmanya  with valli  and devayanai

     Lads and lasses who find it difficult  to get married join in the marriage function, Tie a turmeric  on yellow thread, keep it in the feet  of Goddess  and pray  that once they get married they will present her with a golden Thali, They then take  the yellow thread  home and do worship to it. It is seen that  most of them   get married soon,They come to the temple and  offer  Golden Thali to the Goddess

     The cultivators in the area  believe that  it is only  due to Pachai Vazhi Amman’s blessing they are   able to cultivate, It seems before sowing seeds they  bring it  to the temple  and worship  before Amman. They  believe that  due to her  blessing their  fiel;ds has so far never dried.

      Couples   who  do not have children, bring a csmall cradle  , keep it on the lap  of the Goddess on Fridays and pray and later   they tie  in a part of the temple set up for this purpose , They   all assure that  always their   prayers are  answered. The naming ceremony of such babies is always held in the temple

     Whatever  may be your problem, visit Karaikadu and worship Pachai Vaazhi  Aman and her eighteen goddesses. They are  definite to be fulfilled

    From Cuddalore bs stand take bus going to Karaikadu and get  down near CIPKOT  .The temple  is near by

  The temple is open from 6 am to 11 AM and  5 PM to 9 PM. On Fridays there would be more crowd  and it would be open for  some more time


You can se a  video of temple

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Kurangani Muthu Malai Amman temple

Kurangani Muthu Malai   Amman temple

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History of Kurangani - Sri Muthumalai Amman kovil | News 7 tamil ...

(A great temple  near  Thoothukudi-  ) -

   Kuraangani   can mean an ornament of monkeys.It can also mean the  battalion of monkeys.This small village  in near  Thoothukudi town of  Tamil nadu
   It Seems while Ravana  was kidnappig Sita, she dropped a pearl necklace  when she was flying over this place .It seems Lord Hanuman found it and showed it to rqama( kurangu anI) whom he met at this place  .Rama  identified it and after wards Rama and sugrreeva agreed  to search and later  the monkey army (kurangu ani) marched from here,It is believed that Goddess Sita gave that pearl necklace  to Hanuman as present during Rama pattabhishekam,
   Near the present day temple there  is a huge banyan tree ,It is believed  that  Rama met Hanuman below that tree,.

There  are other stories   about the origin of this temple

Ancient times
  A sage called  Sathyama munivar was  doing penance   in the shores  of THamravarni,The thapas  (penance) was so intense that  the heat of the thapas reached  Kailasa .God shiva was at that time dancing   and so sent Goddess  Parvathi  to enquire about the source of the heat,When she reached the place  the hear produced  pearl like eruptions all over  her body. It seems sweat covered her forehead and it dropped in the fire,From that several deva maidens arose and all of them were  shining because  they were wearing pearl necklaces.After  goddess  went back  they all went to take bath in river  Thamra barni. While going for bathing they kept all their ornaments on the banks of the river.When they came back they saw that all their ornaments had merged in to a huge flame of light.They worshipped that light and went for pilgrimage.That light was   waiting for some one

Modern  times
  Long long afterwards  A toddy tapper  called Panayadiyan was tapping  for  toddy on Palmyrah palms near  the present temple.From the tree  he saw some thing shining  on the earth,He got down from the tree  and  thinking it is a teasure  ,tried to go near the shining light.He cosed the light by the pot in his hand and went home.At night when he came he was not able to move the pot.That night  the goddess appeared in his dream .She told that she was Muthumari amman and instructed him to do worship to her  on Tuesdays and Fridays.
Panayadiyan told about this to the villagers, and  stage was erected for the Goddess made of mud   and thatched shed waxmade over that,Panayadiyan   was appointed   as the priest,.There was only  two days in  a worship in the intial days Later a  huge temple was built  over  there  and a stone idol  was installed .The nadars  s of that area  became trustees to this temple,The morning and night worship was introduced.
    It seems during invasion of Navabs this temple was about to be destroyed,He wanted to straighten the Thamra barni river  and  for that destroy the temple,Four brothers of the village prevented them and said the goddess   was very powerful.Then that captain said.”I will call her.Will she reply me” They said yes.When the captain  called three  times   there was a thundering reply   and the captain fainted and fell down.His horses also fell down.When the villagers  sprayed the amman’s theertha on his face he woke up.He also built two  horses  in front of the temple
   The main goddess  is called Muthu Malai  Amman ,On its left side is the statue of Narayana Murthi  
there are small temples  with statues of  Muppidathi aman  , Saptha Kanyakas  , Parvathy amman , Brahma Saktrhu, Mariamman  , Chandana  Mariamman, Bhairavar  and Veera  BHadrar,
There is a separate  temple for  Periya swami.There is a story about it,.It seems one day  the Goddess came in dream of the trustees and the priest  that her  Body guard made of huge stone will come floating in the river  ,She ordered them to to build a seperatwe temple for him .
There is a peculiar  type of worship there.Daily one pot of water would be brought from thamrabarni river  and kept in temple  Narayana swami.In the noon priest will take the water to the temple of  goddess,he will offer dhal kuzhambu and  rice on palm leaf.later he will spray that pot of water  in face of devotees and give  Vibhuthi.Devotees believe that  blacxk magic will go away and mad  people  would be  cured.

 The biggest festival in this temple is  on the last Tuesday of month of  aani  (June-july) .The goddess   would be decorated with pure gold,Fifteen days before that, Maha Abishekam will take place to all Gods surrounding main God,At that time without fail eagle will go round and round on the sky, There is another  small festival in month of thai(January-  February)

The temple is kept open on all days between 5 AM to 1.30 PM and 5 PM to 8.30 PM
  You can travel   in the bus  going to  Thichendur from Thirunelveli and get down in a place called Then Thiruperai. The temple is 2 km from there


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Kanaka (kaanaka) Nachiar temple

Kanaka  (kaanaka)  Nachiar  temple

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   Once upon a time in  Vellore  , the area  starting from   the northern part  of  Andhara Pradesh to the  Sholingur , where   a river named Deva river(ponnai river)   flows became very dry without any rain..All the fields and forest had a burnt look,Then the people of that area  prayed their goddess Kanaka  Nachiar .That night the goddess  took the form of a young woman, and sitting on the river shore, she saw the river and sky. Torrential   rain started and there  was a huge flood in the river.The people got scared.At that time the Goddess  sat on a leaf floating  on the river and  lead the river..In the middle there was a rock preventing the water flow. She  melted the rock and created a  huge hole there  and divided the river in to three  branches anlead the river and made it join the Pampai river at Kanchipuram..
   When she was returning one  Rakshasa  started  following her with a view to trouble her.She took him to a top of a hill and made a  hole on its top  and buried  him there. Unfortunately the goddess  also started  getting drowned  and her steed pulled her up  and what we see is only her face.This temple is in Andhra  border(in Chithur district)  and is called Kangunth.Some people do call her as Kaanaka  (forest) nachiar.
      Through out the year  pilgrims visit this temple,On tuedays and Fridays and on full moon and no moon  days, Very large number of people do come .The eighteenth day of aadi month is celebrated   as a  great festival..On that day people worship Pithrus at this temple,Devotees believe that  if they pray the Goddess for Children, they would be definitely  blessed.
   The goddess  gives what  is asked by devotees   within 18 days.and so the crowd  keeps on increasing.This temple is the border of Tamil Nadu  vellore and Andhra Kuppam,. The tedmple  is on the banks  of Palar river in Perumpallam villge. Buses are available from Vaniambadi and Thiruppathur(  near Jolarpet Junction.)
  The temple is open from 6 am to 12 noon  and 3 pm to 7 PM,The phone number  of the temple is  094430 19295

Rasipuram Nithya Sumangali Mariamman

Rasipuram Nithya Sumangali  Mariamman

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    This temple is about 500   years old and is situated   in Rasipuram  ,Near  Namakkal  of Tamil nadu .It seems  that once some people were  digging a field and blood came out and then the found out  the statue  of the Goddess in the form of a linga. Goddess  entered in to one person there  and he told thm to build a  temple for her in the village.This temple is situated  between four hils viz  Kolli malai  , alavai malai  , natha malai   and Bodha malai.
     In this temple  before the Goddess   a wooden post with three  branches representing her husband  (Kambam)  is planted  .Since the goddess   is always able to se her husband , she is called as  Nithya Sumangali..Women believe that offering worship to this Amman would also keep them as Nithya  Sumangalis.Cooked rice is the normal offering  of this temple.
   Women seeking children  do a strange  pooja in this temple.During Aipasi month, they come and remove the old kambam and plant new Kambam immediately.They take the old Kambam do pooja to it, offer curd rice to it and eat that curd rice.It seems this pooja assures them child birth .People also worship the Amman if they  have  vision problems.There is an annual festival in this temple  in the month of Aipasi
  The temple is open  between 6 am to 12 PM and 4.30 pm to 9.30 Pm.The phone number of the temple  is 04287-220411.The temple is on the road from Namakkal-Rasipuram  ,Nearest railway station is Salem.  This is a  Tamil video   about the temple

Yelur Sumangali mariyamman temple

Yelur Sumangali  mariyamman temple

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    Yelur  is a very small village  near Sathyamangalam of Erode.  Once upon a time, it seems these  villagers would do penance   and go  To Pazhani  on Vaikasi (may-june)  Visagam day .Once in the midway  at night they took rest  on a dilapidated building.Due to being tired, they all  slept.Then one of them heard  a  humming sound of suffering from one  room of the Building.One of them, with a lamp went and saw there and found a statue  of  Mariyamma there.When without doing anything he became and slept, that  Goddess  came his dream and requested him to  take her to their village   and build a temple for her, so that she can look after  all of them .Next day when he told  the others, They all  took the statue   and consecrated her in a thatched  roof in their village and decided to call  her “sumangali  Mariyamman” .Since she used  to help all of them who pray her, they eventually  built a  pucca temple  in the village for her,
     They also searched  and planted  27 trees inside the temple, each tree  denoting a birth star.,There are also 9 trees which are  meant to 9 planetsAs soon as   you enter the temple there is a temple for “SElva  vinayagar( ganesa for wealth)”.People believe that by offering him a garland made of Groundnut and cashew nut, he   would take care  of all their problems. Opposite the   sanctum of the goddess  there is a statue of lion , on which she rides..Once when a person of the village  was involved in an accident   and was in a critical condition, his offered to offer  her Goilden Mangalya(Thali)   to the goddess  .He returned back healthy.  And so   all women pray in this temple for long life span of their   husbands.,
   They also pray for education of their children, improvement of business, to get rid of worroies etc and the Goddess  is believed to help them without fail.
   Like hand, feet also have lines.People believe if they   do step by step  Pradakshina of the goddess  with their  Feet lines getting marked  in the ground,  they can  get rid of any great difficulty .On Tuesdays, and Fridays they do abhishekam to the goddess. Those people whose problems are solved also  Feed the devotees(anna Dhanam)   on these days.Devotees also go round the tree   for their birth stars  and do pooja.
  Yelur is 8 km from sathyamangalam town of Erode  district. The temple is open from  7.30 am to 12,30 pm and   5 to 7.30 pm

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Alphabetical index of Village gods of Tamil Nadu

Village gods index  

1.       Aachi Kizhavi of Usilampatti
2.       Adaikkalam Kathar of Gopala samudram
3.       Agaram Serathamman of the herb garden
5.       Akasa Mariamman  of Thirunarayur
6.       Alamaathi  Pidari  Eachathamman   temple
7.       Ambagarathur Bhadra Kali amman temple
8.       Anai Malai Masani Amman temple
9.       Angala Parameshwari of Yenadhi chenkottai
13.   Bhadra kali and Murasappan of Velliyampathi
28.   Idamalai Mahalinga Maya Karuppu of Vatthalakundu
29.   Inampuliyur Sabari  vara  Mariamman temple
30.   Irulappan-Pathala Pechi of Srivilliputhur
47.   Kokkuvetti Karuppannachami of Thiruengoimalai
55.   Kottakudi  -Kurangani  Kombu thooki Ayyanar
56.   Kuisai  Mutharamman   temple  of Kulasekara  Pattinam
66.   Mandu Karuppu-Mandu Karuppi of Jeyamangalam
67.   Mangala devi (kannagi ) temple at Vannathi parai
68.   Manjaneeswarar Ayyanar appan of Keezhputhupattu
79.   Muthu pillai Palayam Naga Muthu Mariyamman
83.   Nallampatti  Kunjai  Kannadachi Amman temple
88.   Oor Kattu Chudalai Madan of Uppanimuthur
92.   Pachai nachiyamman temple of Trichinapally
97.   Pattalamman, Chandana Karuppu and Dombarai amman
100.                        Periyasami Ayyanar of Chokkampatti(Kadayanallur)
101.                        Pirandi Ayyanar of Chelliyampatti
102.                        Por panai kottai Muneeswarar
103.                        Poruloor Nalla Mangai Amman
104.                        Poy cholla meyyar Bhadra kali of Moolangudi
105.                        Poyyalamman of Okkur
106.                        Putheri Ant hill temple
107.                        Rasipuram  Nithya  Sumangali  Mariamman
108.                        Salem Pootu Chami or Alankottai muniyappa temple.
109.                        Samana Malai Ayyanar and Karuppana chami of Keezh kuil kudi
110.                        Samana malai Ayyanar Karuppannachami of Nagamalai
111.                        Semapudur  village with several village gods
112.                        Singapatti Ayyanar Kovil
113.                        Siravetti ayyanar of Melayur
114.                        Sudalai Madan of Seevalapperi
115.                        Thakaraveli Mariamman Temple
116.                        Thambi kalai Ayyan
117.                        Thavasi Aandi of Melaurappanur
118.                        Theepayntha Nachiyar of Bhoothangudi
119.                        Thenachi Amman Temple
120.                        Thimmarayan  Samuthiram  Suyambu  Nagamani devi
121.                        Thiruvanai Kaval Margamudaya Ayyanar
122.                        Thiruvettazhaigaya Ayyanar of Peyadi kottai
123.                        THoppampatti  Soolathammman koil
124.                        Thottichi Amman of Periya Poolankulam
125.                        Thuravu Mel Azhagar of Chaluppai
126.                        Thurayur Angala Parameswari temple
127.                        Vagurani Palla Karuppu
128.                        Vaikunda moorthi of Sundara pandiyam
129.                        Valladi Karar of Ambalakkaran Patti
130.                        Vana Bhadrakali of Thekkepatti
131.                        Vandambalai  Mahasakthi Mariamman temple
132.                        Vazhu muneeswarar-Kathai temple   of Karukunni
133.                        Veera Bhayangaram Ayyanar
134.                        Veeramkali temple  of Perambur
135.                        Velappar of Mavuthu
136.                        Velipettai   Angalamman   temple
137.                        Vendimuthu Karuppu of v. Kallapatti
138.                        Veppilai Kari of Mangudi
139.                        Vettudayar Kali of Ariyakurichi
140.                        Yelur  Sumangali  Mariyamman temple