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Alphabetical index of Village gods of Tamil Nadu

Village gods index  

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Ezhilur Chelliamman temple

Ezhilur  Chelliamman temple


     Ezhikur meaning pretty village is near  Thiruthuraipoondi. There is a famous saptha risheeswarar   temple in the village . On the temple’s north side  is a Chelliyamman temple. It seems a near by Jamindar   became greatly sick and he prayed Chelliamman. She  appeared in his dream and requested  him to build a  temple for her and she  will cure him. The Goddess was located deep in the foest area where no vehicles could go. The king   then made a human chain from his place to the temple and everything that was needed   to build the temple was passed on  6 km from one person’s hand to the next person.  People round this place believe    that she can cure any disease.  On the second Tuesday in the month of Panguni   there is a great festival here. The blood of all goats sacrificed during the festival is stored in a mud pot and for 18 days, it never   gets spoiled.
    People believe that  if they can worship   for four continued full moon days in this temple all their wishes   would be realised.
    The place is 6 km  from Thiruthuraipoondi on the road to Kalappal.
 The temple remains open from   9 am to 11 am and between 5 pm to 7 pm.

Malai palli thoppulaan-thottilamma

Malai palli   thoppulaan-thottilamma


    Malai palli is a small village below a mountain,.It is called Painapalli(The village at the top in telugu ).Though in the rainy season the village is green, in the summer it would dry up   and people suffer a lot. There was a man called Kondaiah in this village.He had a son called Basavaiah.He married his uncle’s daughter seethamma.,Seethamma used to take the family’s cattle to graze in the mountain. Seethamma was not getting any child and so her mother in law   started   troubling her. One day her mother told that they are planning to sell the cows  for meat to the Britishers  from vellore fort..Seethamma cried a lot and along with cattle reached her usual spot and sat crying there. Then suddenly she saw a pretty lady in that   isolated spot..when enquired the lady told that she had come there to go the temple., When Seethamma asked about the whereabouts of the temple that lady told that , they have to climb further and through two stones they have to cross to the other side of the mountain. She said there would be an anthill there .It was called Thoppulan chami(God who never    gave birth from womb) and nearby there would be a stone and that is Thottilamma. Both these gods should be worshipped and a lady ties  a cradle in a nearby  neem tree, and eat some of its leaf. Then nearby in a  hole there would v be water,She should drink little of that water  and within ten months she would get a child. Seethamma did that and told  her villagers about this temple.  The villagers came there and wondered how the water which they could not find in their village  was in plenty on the hill top. With ten months Seethamma had a baby and not only villagers but all the   people of the entire area started worshipping that god and goddess .They built a a temple for the Gods.The entire Adi month is  celebrated in a grand way in that temple. Not only people from near by places but people from Andhra  and Karnataka come to that temple in very large numbers.
     The neem leaf near the temple is called Thulakkai leaf. Thousands of ladies after the worshipping the god and eating Thulukkani leaf . drinking one spoon of water from there for one month , have become proud mothers.They also do Abhishekam to amman with  milk and Punugu.
This temple is located on a top of a mountain   near Nathampalli  near Velloreon the madras-Nangalore road.
It is a open temple.There are doors to close and so it will always be open.

Manakkal nangayaramman

Manakkal  nangayaramman


   This is a very important Saptha  Matha temple. It seems one merchant came to Manakkal    to sell turmeric. He was not able to sell any and then he saw seven ladies taking bath in a tank. He took away their cloths and started troubling them to buy turmeric. They refused and since  it was embarrassing  one of the ladies Kaumari threw a  rose flower and asked the merchant to give equivalent wait  turmeric. Though he put in the balance all he had as well  as what he could get from other shops, it never became equal to the rose flower. He then realised that they are Gods and fell on the mud before them. Later a temple for saptha mathars was built in Manakkal   and Kaumari   was  given maximum importance. Kaumari was called by the people as Nangayaramman. Normally saptha  matha temples  face   north but this temple faces east..As soon as you enter the temple   on the left side is the statue of Madurai veeran and the right the turmeric merchant..Then on both sides of the sanctum of the   Sapth mathars  are  huge statues of Dwara  Palakis.,Inside  the sanctum all the seven mothers are seated in a row. On the south side of the temple Ayyanar can be seen sitting on a elephant  and Karuppannachami on a horse.
    Devotees believe that karupannachami is an expert in getting back loan which they have given to others..They believe all that they need to do is to garland  Karupannachami  and his horse. Even in case of family problems and problem due to marriage Karuppannachami   solves it with great speed. There is a  karuvli tree in the temple which never flowers. People believe that if you go round the tree and pray, they would get children.,
     This temple is about 800 years old and is the family deity(kula deivam) of many people.Daily there is one time worship..Inm the month of Masi there is a five day long Karaga festival. Navarathri is also celebrated in a great way.On the tenth day the entire Ardha mantapa would be covered   with curd rice and this festival is called Thayir pavadai.The mandapa would appear as if it is decorated with white flowers. Later the curd rice is given as Prasada.I On the first day of Chithirai the goddess comes out riding on a lion vahana. All Fridays of aadi and thai months are  important days in the temple.
  This temple is on the road from Thiruchi to anbil , one km away from Lalgudi
 The temple is open from morning 7 am to night 8 pm.

Kaja Pettai Cholapuri amman

Kaja Pettai  Cholapuri amman


    In Trichy  town, there  was an army camp.  Soldiers in that  camp used  to worship a  goddess  inside their regiment. When  it was decided to shift the regiment   they gave the goddess  to two of their civilan friends, one of whom was a Hindu and another was a  Jain. Since the goddess   came from Cholapuri(Sholapur?), they ma,ed her as Cholapuri ammam and  consecrated her in a thatched hut. Slowly people around the temple became her great devotees and it has now grown to a temple    with a big tower facing east . As soon as you enter the temple through the tower, on the left you see  Pillayar and on the right   Bala Muruga(  Subrahmanya as a boy) . The Goddess is in a sitting position. There is also a Hanuman temple inside this main temple. Apart from this devotees have also consecrated Nagar besides the Nava Grahas along with their consorts.
    Since people of all communities and castes visit her  , you can gauge   the popularity of the Goddess.  Navarathri and Adi pooram is celebrated  in a grand way in the temple. During Adi pooram day , the Goddess is decorated    with bangles  which are later distributed to the devotees.
     The annual festival lasts for six  days. On the third day of festival , people take  Kavadi before the Amman.Eleven people who dress like Kali    also carry   fire  Kavadi.
  Her devotees belief if they approach the Goddess   she would remove all her problems.The temple is 2 km away from Trichy main bus stand in a locality called  Kaja pettai  The  temple is open between 5.30 Am to 9 Am and 5.30 Pm to 9 Pm

Karupparaya Sami of Onnipalayam

Karupparaya  Sami  of Onnipalayam


   Once upon a times Sidhas in Tamil Nadu  used to  fly from one place to another by putting a mercury tablet(Rasa Mani  in their mouth) .People believe that a  Sidha called Bogar   went from India   to China using this method  .Once it seems one sidhar was flying like this from  Podigai mountain  carrying a  very rare medicine. When he reached Onnipalayam, it seems the   rare medicine fell down inside the forest. He got down     and went on searching. Since he did not get it he started   doing Thapas(penance)    aimed at Lord Shiva. Some evil spirits    started     troubling him. Then by his magical powers   he created  Karupparaya Sami  and ordered him to protect him.. The people of the village   understood the power of Karupparaya   Sami  and built four walls and eight pillars    around him. And inside they built a small temple    for him..There was a small hermitage   behind this temple. People from other areas used to come   and  used to stay in the hermitage  and do worship to Karupanna sami
      The temple faces east and outside you see Nagar(serpent)  god. Opposite to the temple there are three   stone swings of the god and his horse steed. f you climb four steps   you can see  God Karuppanna swami , He wears a turban, has a cloth tied on his hip, fearsome moustache ,He carries  a scythe(arrival) in    his right hand and a mace(Gadhai) in his  left hand. There is no roof over him .But one huge Bilwa tree  and wild lemon tree give him shade People do worship themselves offering him  two betel leaves, three  betel nut , one lemon fruit and one rupee.  Devotees believe that he would keep them safe  and all   good functions in their home would   go along without any problems.
    On his right side  is Kannimaar sami  and on the left side beyond the  bilwa  and lemon tree  there is a mud statue of Thannasi appar   and few small  village gods.
    The god is only once worshipped in the morning.On full moon, new moon, monthly siva rathri   as well as on maha   sivarathri days  lot of  pilgrims come to visit him.
    Devotees believe that the Sidha    is still doing  penance in the adjoining   forest.
Onnipalayam  is 6 km from Karamadai   which is  in Coimbatore district. You can get bus auto etc from Kara madai .You can see   the God any time you go there.

Kaliamman of Devi Pattanam

Kaliamman of Devi Pattanam


  There  are two small mountains called Chathura giri and Podigai Malai  in western Ghats .It is believed large number of sages and Sidhas  in these  mountains.,One of the mountain here   was called  Thiruvilangam Malai   and there it seems once the sages   and Sidhas were worshipping Goddess Adhi Parasakthi and she  came before them having a pot on her head and standing on one leg and later she  stayed in that place as a lamp pillar.
      In that place there were two Jamins called chethur and Sivagiri. Once a severe famine came there   and people were  suffering.It seems  the goddess appeared in the dream of those Jamindars and asked them to build a small dam and   leave water to both jamins. The north side  rivulet was named as  deviyaru and  the southern river was named as   Shanmukha Nadi .The water problem was solved but  when due to huge rain   a flood came there , the Goddess  who was being worshipped  in the form of lamp pillar   floated and reached a forest   area  called Thattangulam. The people guessed that the pillar was   divine and started  worshipping it. Some cow herds and goat herds who used to graze their animals there used to take   rest near that pillar. They started  a play of worshipping that pillar. They used sand as food offering called pongal, bricks as coconuts and wooden fallen sticks as  incense, They also used to  whistle or hum to play music to the goddess . the goddess    was pleased    with their play    and appeared before them. Then the play music they were playing  become a great music and echoed everywhere. The entire place was filled with   food offering to goddess .  All the villagers rushed  to that place, That night Goddess appeared in the dream of Jamindars and ordered them   to build a temple for her there near the banyan tree bush  in Thattangulam. The goddess also told them an eagle will fly and show them the correct place. As per her direction a temple  was built  at that place.She is called as Thanga malai kaliyamman, Thamarai kulam kaliyammam,  Thattangulam Kaliyamman etc Later on this place where  The goddess came and sat was named as  Devi pattanam.In the month of june-july(aani)   a big festival is celebrated   in this temple. All round the temple you can see  plenty and prosperity .The first girl of the family in these  parts are usually named as Kaliyammal.
 Apart from the very pretty smiling idol of the goddess  there are sub temples for Karuppachami and Chinna Kaliyamman.Banyan tree is the temple tree(sthala vruksha) . It is believed that   if we worship the goddess  we can get rid of problems due to loan as well as that due to planets, This goddess also blesses devotees    for getting  good family life and children. Every full moon day is a minor festival day in this temple.
    The temple is 6 km from Sivagiri which is in the road connecting Tenkasi    and Madurai towns .You can go by bus to this place from Rajapalayam town, The temple is open from 5 am to 7 pm.