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Velipettai angalamman temple , Dharmapuri

Velipettai angalamman temple  , Dharmapuri

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     The temple of Angalamman is situated   in Dharmapuri town of Tamil Nadu.Though the main deity of the temple  is angalamman  who sits below the umbella held by the serpent holding a  small drum  , rope , sword  and skull   with fire as her   crow. Before  entering her temple is Nandi  and on her left side in Nagar(*serpent). On her right side is  Durga  in a separate   sub temple.In front of her is her primeval  form which was  being  worshipped in early times. Outside the sanctum is Ganesa  , Madhurai veeran  , Bommiyamman    and vellayamman. Pavazha  mali tree and white Arali tree   are the temple trees .On full moon(POurnami) ,on new moon(Amavasya)  , Fridays and  Tuesdays   special worship is done to Angalamman .Chithra pournami  , Adi pathinetteu , Navarathri   and Maha Sivarathri are  celebrated   at the temple. The main festival is  around the Maha Shivarathri day.  After   the flag is hoisted for the festival ,  for one week , the  the goddess  goes in a procession around the village around 7 Pm. On the last day of those 7 days  , the marriage of the mother is celebrated..On that day the Goddess goes out in a glass chariot at night.That day newly harvested from several fields on the way are  offered to her. Two days later  early morning at 1 Am , five dolls of different colours made  of Maida  is taken to the cremation ground and they are  smashed there,This is called Pancha Mukha Vettu festival.It is believed that  the Goddess protects the villagers because of this. On that day at 10Am , the goddess travelling on a Bootha(ghost) goes to the cremation ground.  Three days later a festival called Pillai Pavu   is celebrated. It is believed that  ladies without children would get children by participating in this festival.
       The temple  is about 1 km from the Dharmapuri town Bus stand.It is daily open from 6 Am to 12 noon  and later  between 4.30 Pm to 8 Pm,

Inampuliyur Sabari vara Mariamman temple

Inampuliyur Sabari vara  Mariamman temple

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   Inamnpuliyur village   is near Puliyur   near Trichy town of Tamil Nadu. It seems several hundred years back, the cow herds and goat hers of the village noticed that a particular place of the   forests was avoided for grazing both by the  goats as wll as cows..One day they all joined together   and when they searched , they found a statue of Mariyamman lying there. When they informed the villagers about it, they decided to build a temple for that  Nariyamman in the spot she was found. Slowly the villages realized the power of the Goddess and a fairly big temple   was built in that place. The Goddess is in the sitting pose   and is facing the east..She has a very peaceful face and the devotees   who go worried there returnrd with great peace in their mind.. On the left of the Mariamman Sannidhi is  the temple for Karuppannaswami .Daily  only a ghee lamp is showed to the Goddess  ,But on the first day of Tamil as well as  English montha  , Fridays of Aadi  month, full moon and new moon days, special pooja and Abhisheka are  offered to the  Goddess,Sivarathri is  celebrated in a grand scale. After the  worship on day  Chundal made of  THattai Payaru  is  distributed. In the month  of Chithirai (april –may) , there is a festival in the temple for three  days. On the second day Pongal is offered to the Goddess  and Mavilakku (A lamp on rice powder mixture)  is observed, In the evening of the second day  devoteescarry milk pots, walk over burning fire  and so on when the Goddess  comes out to see  her people. On the third day, she is given bath in turmeric water.  Devotees believe that  they would get children if they attend the third day celebration,.
      The temple trees are Banyan and Peepul  tree , both of which are  several centuaries old. People desiring children hand baby cradles on the Peepul tree . Next to  the temple   is a structure called Amma Mandapam . Here the people getting b pox diseases are brought and are given the sacred   water from the temple . It seems they get cured   very fast..

        The temple is open between 6 am to 8 Am  and 5 PM to 8 PM.  From Chathiram bus stand of Trichy town buses go to Puliyur and from there   this temple  is about one km away.

Nachikurichi Madhavai Amman temple

Nachikurichi Madhavai Amman temple

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Nachikurichi is a   small village  near the city of Trichinopoly in Tamil Nadu.In this village   there is a temple of village  Gods and Goddesses . In front of the temple on both sides are temples of Lord Muruga  with Valli  and devanai and Lord Ganesa with Sidhi and Budhi, As soon  as enter the temple   are  huge trees of neem   and peepul.   These are considered as temple trees. Below the trees  is a big hall  with  God sambhavan. Devotees believe that  by sitting and meditating  peace descends  in to out mind quickly.. In the outer corridor of the temples  , there are temples  for Madhurai veeran and nagappar. Those who have dosha in their horoscope  due to rahu and Kethu , bring Nagar  statues and keep them   before  Nagappar  and worship them .People who have snake bite are  brought  to this temple and if they worship Nagappar , the effect  of poison is  considerably reduced.. There  is also a believe that  no one is bitten by a snake  in this village.If some one sees  a snake in the house , they bring a mud pot and keep it near  the snake. It seems the snake of its own enters the pot. Then  the snake is brought to Nagappar  temple and left there, this Nagappa swamy is the clan God for many families   surrounding the temple . In the corridor there are temples for Periyanna swami, Panayadi Karuppaswamy. This Karuppaswamy temple is below  two huge Palmyrah palms in the  temple,People believe   that by praying  to Nagappa swami and Periyanna swamy  the effect  of black  magic done by  others  can be removed..In the  middle of the temple   is the temple of Saptha Mathas.Vaishnavi who  is in the middle of the  saptha Mathas  is called Madhavai amman.On full moon days  special pooja and Abhishekam are  offered to  Madhavai Amman.In the month of Masi  there  is a 15 day festival in this temple. People regardless  of caste or religion participate  in this festival.
  This village is 5 km from Trichy central bus stand  and the temple is open from 6 Am   to 12 noon   and 4PM to 8 Pm.


Panamkudi Mariamman temple

Panamkudi  Mariamman temple

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    This is   a 300 year old temple  situated in annilam Taluq and is the village  Goddess  for  the four villages  of Panamgudi  , Mangulam  , Keezha panamgudi and Mela  vassal. After  a  big tinned shed , there  is big hall  followed by a small hall . On both sides of the  temple   the guardian gods Kathavarayan and Mahamayi   made  of wood   stand. On the right side of Kathavarayan   is Aariya mala and on   the left is Karuppaxhagi.  There are also separate temples for  Thottikatti chinnan and pechayi  . The  Mariyamman of the temple has a  fierce look   with round eyes   and protruding teeth. Devotees    believe that she has   taken this form to prevent  black magic from entering there
   In the month of Aadi(July –august)   there  is a  festival   in this temple. The goddess crosses  the river on a tueday and stays in the other shore   for two days, Next day  she goes in to the  villages of  Melavasal, AAndipanthal  , Mangulam  and Keezha panangudi . Similar procession  of the goddess  takes place  during the  pongal festival also.  On Shivarathri day   there is a practice of fire pot  accompanying the Goddess    to her four villages. There is a huge crowd in this temple on  Tuesdays and Fridays.
    This village is 40 km away from Nannilam in Thiruvarur district of Tamil Nadu and is on the banks of Mudikondan   river. The temple  is open from 9 Am to 12 noon  and 5 Pm to 8 Pm.