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Semapudur village with several temples of village Gods

Semapudur  village  with several  temples  of village Gods

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       Semapudur   is a small  village   which is very near Keezha Iral   village which is on the  Madurai Thoothukudi road(108 km from Madurai) . The village has only about  150 houses  but has seventy different temples   dedicated  to various  village  Gods  of Tamil Nadu. Since no logical reason   or village  stories   are found   for the  reason of having   so many village  Gods  in a small  village  , experts believe  that once upon a time it was prominent town where  large number of villagers  from different villages   settled along with their family Gods .For  some unknown reason  ,  the town started  growing smaller  and the villagers  migrated to other places including towns. The face that  these people have  not forgotten   either the village  or   their family Gods  is proved by the fact that  during Maha Sivarathri festival and Panguni uthram festival   most of them reach back to this    village  to worship   their family  Gods.  These days are  celebrated with great grandeur   and pomp by  all the   guests  of the village They also come to the village for  the ear boring ceremony  and first head shaving   of their children . The invitation to the family God  is  invariably sent   to   their  respective family  Gods.

     This village also contains   some common  village God temples like  that  of Ayyanar (at the entrance of the village) , Munnodi Karuppan  , Maruthu Pandiar  , Sudalai Madan , Pala vesa kkaran , Malayamman  , Kaliyamman etc. The  research scholars  in several universities  should   study  this village  in a more thorough  manner   and find out  more about  the collection of village Gods.