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Veeramakali temple of Perambur

Veeramakali temple  of  Perambur

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 Perambur is a village in Pudukottai district of Tamil Nadu    which has the very famous Veeramakali   temple  .There is a very interesting legend about this temple. It seems several thousands of years ago, this village was terrorized by a spirit called CHemmuni , which used to like  to eat Human flesh. When it started    attacking mindlessly, the village people made an agreement with the spirit that   daily one of  the villagers would go to him as food. A roster was drawn up in the village for this.  One day  a  widowed lady with only one son had to send him as food to Chemmuni. She got agitated and requested Veeramahamuni   , a folk god who lived in Veerappoor  mountain to save her son. Veeramamuni took a very  mega form  and with his feet stamped on the head of CHemmuni  and pressed him. CHemmuni was buried in the earth. Though Chemmuni   requested d for pardon,  Veeramamuni   destroyed him completely  and then summoned his sister Kali   and requested her  to merge with the Kali of Perambur which was worshipped by the cultivators there. She became Veeramakali and was  made as   the  Guardian Goddess  of the village of Perambur.

   People  of the village believe that  She prevents all evil spirits from entering the village. They also believe  that  sick people , if they are brought to  the temple get cured..If anything is stolen from the  village they pray that they  would give  one fourth of the  cost of the lost article and the Goddess    recovers  it for them. This village is 22 km from the town of Trichy.


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