Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mel maalyanoor Angalamman Temple

Mel malayanoor Angalamman



Angalamman is a very angry and furious form of Goddess Parvathi. Normally she is present in her temples in the form of an ant hill. Mal malayanoor is a small village near Thiruvannamalai.
There are two stories which are being told about the origin of this temple.
1. Once after fighting with a Rakshasa, Parvathi took the fierce and furious form of Angalamman. She was so angry that even the devas and great sages were scared of her. To appease her Lord Vishnu appeared in a chariot in front of her. Seeing that it is her brother Vishnu, she sat in side the chariot. Lord Vishnu drove the chariot to the burial ground of the above village. He parked the chariot there and he made himself and the chariot vanish. This made Angalamman to fall there in the sitting pose inside an ant hill. She is worshipped there,

2. Once Lord Shiva was meditating in his five headed form in Mount Kailas. Parvathi was attracted by this form and went to the garden to pluck flowers to worship him. At that time Lord Brahma who had five heads came there to see Lord Shiva. Goddess Parvathi thought it is Lord Shiva and prostrated before him. Later she understood that the mistake was because Lord Brahma had five heads like her husband. On her request Lord Shiva took away one head of Lord Brahma. This made Goddess Saraswathi very angry and she cursed Goddess Parvathi to assume a vicious and furious form. This form is Angalamman or Angala Parameshwari.
On the annual festival day the people of the village make a new chariot and take her round the village in that chariot. ON all new moon days the temple is open through out the night and the Goddess is continuously worshipped through out the night. People from various village come prepare Pongal and offer it to the Goddess.