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Singapatti Ayyanar temple, NaLLur

Singapatti Ayyanar   temple, NaLLur

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About 500 years back , a person from Villiputhur,due to famine had to go  to some other place for living.. In his nativevilage he had worshipped Ayyanar, Pechi and Karuppasami. He went to that temple , took one fist of soil  from there  , put it in a palm leaf box and took it along with him,.When he was nearing NaLLi village , he saw that  the lake there was about to  break up. He could see  fertile crops in the field. He kept the box of soil in a near by place and tried his best to repair the lake bank so that its water   would not come out. When he was not able to do it, he  left all his things there, went to naLLI village and brought them to repair the bund.When he came back the bund was  already repaired  and in a good conditions. From that persons basket Ayyanar  came out and told ll of them, “It was me who repaired the nund and saved your crop,.If you bukid a temple for me and the gods with me here  and do daily worship, we would protect you   for ever. People went and told SEvalpatti Jamindar   who was looking after   the  village about this. Jamindar immediately built a temple and made every body worship those gods. Sine the lake was called  Singamadai lake  this ayyanar was named as Singamadai ayyanar.
    In the  sanctum sanctorum Ayyanar  is there  along with his consorts , Poorna and Pushkala.Pechiyamman  has a temple there  .Turmeric paste  is always applied to her face. So she is called Manjanai Pechi Amman. There are also statues ofMadan, Madathi, Pathala Kanni, Raakaachi Amman and Pathinettam Padi Karuppachami.
Three days after Shivarathri , after taking permission from Ayyanar, Karupachami goes for hunting. This is the biggest festival in the   temple.Most of the importand Hindu festivals are also celebrated in this temple.The temple is open from 7 Am to 5 PM. At 12 noon there  is a special pooja to Ayyanar. Devotees  believe that if some one comes to this temple, takes bath and goes round the God three times on a Friday, all his mental worries would   get solved.Devotees also believe  if they take Turmeric from Pechiyamman temple and keep it in their home. Auspiciousness  will always be there  in the house.The temple tree is Bilwa tree
 From Kovilpatti travel towards Chathur in the    state   high way for 11 km. The  temple is nearby to this point.