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Kuzhumani Ooradachi Amman

Kuzhumani  Ooradachi Amman

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Kuzhumani is a small village 10 km from Trichy town of Tamil Nadu. This village got its name because  One villager   got   a Shiva Linga while ploughing his land  .Kozhu munai , is the “Corner of the plough. There are several village goddesses  situated in this village,. The Vallam Thangi Amman, who is believed to prevent floods    from the Uyyakondan river which flows near the villge, Kulanthalai Amman  who is suppost to help people of this village   by making it cool,  and another Amman called  Kollachi Amman. But the most important Goddess  of the village is   the Ooradachi Amman,  who is believed to guard this village from evil spirits cand evil men. People of the village believe that   , the head of the Goddess is hot like a flame of fire. The Goddess faces the northern direction. In the temple for her  , there are also Kanni moola Ganapathi, Rajali Karuppu, Madurai Veeran, Bommi, Kathavarayan Karuppu Chami    and  Panayadi Karuppu   ,People believe that  Panayadi Karuppu  is the assistant of OOradachi Amman  who is deputed by her whenever injustice  lifts its head   in the village.,He is supposed to be the special God   of the merchants of the village.They believe that by worshipping him, their business  becomes prosperous.People believe that Panayadi Karuppu travels at night on his white horse   every night. People also report hearing the sound of hoofs of his horses    at night..
     Ooradachi Amman is   the Kula deivam (clan goddess) of hundreds of the families belonging to this village. Daily they come and prepare  POngal and offer to her. There is a special worship for this Goddess  during the new moon and the full moon days.. Ladies   without children visit this temple on six consecutive full moon days and are suppose to become pregnant. On the third month of pregnancy   they come offer bangles to the  Goddess   and distribute Prasada to the devotees , to show their gratefulness.
    A few months back Kumbabhishekam of this temple was performed after    several  hundred years, The temple is open from  6AM to Noon and 5 PM to 7 PM.. There are town buses from Trichy to reach this village  .


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