Friday, March 14, 2014

Salem Pootu Chami or Alankottai muniyappa temple.

Salem  Pootu Chami or Alankottai muniyappa  temple.
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    Alankottai was the prison building in Selam town during the end of nineteenth centuary.  And in that place a Muniyappa Sami temple was built and it was called as Alankottai Muniyappan. The devotees   who want to put an end to family problems , for solving quarrels between husband and wife, For leaving out  drinking habit, For solving property disputes, for getting their children married , for getting children, to end quarrels between daughter in law and mother in law  etc come to this temple, keep a lock before the god Muniyappan , worship the God and hang the lock after locking it with a key in the special place meant for it.. They believe that their wishes would get fulfilled if they do like this and so they call th is NMuniyappa God as Pootu Chami(lock god) They specially believe that if there are   raging quarrels between daughter in law  and mother in law  , by hanging a lock like this, their mouth gets locked. The Eighteenth day of Adi and certain auspicious days in the thai month are considered as special; days and goat is sacrificed to the God and pongal is prepared and offered to God, They also offer Cigars and toddy to the God., Many devotees settled abroad come every year and worship this God.

    This temple is  situated opposite to the Salem ITI and from the new bus stand you can go bu bus or auto.