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Musiri Kannimar Kamakshi temple

Musiri  Kannimar Kamakshi   temple

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  On the southern  side  of Musiri village of Trichinopoly district of Tamil Nadu flows  the Cauvery river. Once that  river    which never dries , dried. Villagers who were digging the river   were surprised when their  spade hit a   statue of nine maiden’s    made of one stone. The very religious villagers were taken aback    and  made a thatched hut in a nearby forest   of  Vanni and neem trees.Because  the  prayers of devotees  were answered quickly , that temple became popular.
   At that time  who wanted to  erect a Kamakshi temple in Trichy    were  bringing the statue of Kamakshi from Madras.When they reached Musiri village , they kept the statue  of Goddess Kamakshi in the temple of the nine maidens ans went to take bath in river Cauvery,.But after bath when they came back , they were not able life the statue of The Goddess  Kamakshi and so they consecrated that   statue there itself and went back. Thus Goddess Kamakshi was added to the temple   along with the nine maidens..Slowly the loal people were able to expand the temple and build a temple with stones. Due to Kamakshi and the nine maidens being consecrated   there, people started   calling it “Maidens Kamakshi Temple.”.The devotees  also consecrated a Ganapath,  Kathava Rayan, Madhurai Veeran, Masi Periyannasami , Bommi   and  Vellayammal  in the same temple on the southern side of the main temple. People say that   the nine maidens statue  found here  was the original statue    that they found in the river .  In the entrance to the Ardha Mantapa  Kamakshi Amman is consecrated. Mud statues   of the nine maidens  decorates the entrance of the Amman temple. In the main sanctum sanctorum, the new statue of the Seven maidens   is consecrated.

      This temple is 30 km from Trichy town. The temple is open from 6 Am to 1 Pm and  4 Pm to 8 Pm.

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