Friday, March 3, 2017

Kottai Mariamman koil , Dindukkal

Kottai Mariamman koil  , Dindukkal

Sundararajan Ambi   Iyer

Old year : 500 years old
Historical Name : Dindeeswaram
City : Dindigul
District : Dindigul
State : Tamil Nadu

Soon after the new moon day in the month of Masi, (February-March), on the fifth day, the festival flag would be hoisted for a 20 day celebration in the temple. The festival continues for 30 days also in some years.

Temple's Speciality: -
The bottom of the idol is deeply installed in this temple than in other places.
Opening Time:-
The temple is open from 6.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m. and 5.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m.
Address: -
Sri Kottai Mari Amman Temple, Dindigul – 624 001.
Phone: -
+91 451 2427267, 94444 02440

General Information:-
A post called Kamba Thadi made with copper is at the entrance of the shrine. Close to this are shrines for Lord Vinayaka on the south, Madurai Veeran and Navagrahas on the north, Muneeswara shrine on the rear south Karuppanasami, Kaliamman and Durga in the north
 Devotees pray for child boon. It is also believed that praying to Kottai Mariamman effectively relieves the devotees from sickness, small-pox, prolonged illness and disabilities. 

 Thanks giving:-
Devotees offer turmeric and salt at the foot of the post. Women perform a sacred abishek on the flag hoisting day hoping that the Goddess would be cooled down of Her anger and bless the people. Those seeking child boon carry fire pots. People blessed with the child carry the child in a cradle made of sugarcane and light flour lamps – Mavilakku. The crowd will be as high as 20 lakh during the festival days.

Greatness Of Temple:-
It is noteworthy that Dindigul district has all the Vasthu aspects to its advantage. It is also historically famous. The fort built three hundred years ago is still afresh and majestic. It is said that that there was an underground passage to Palni which Tippu Sultan used many a time, according to history. The temple is behind this serene environment behind the fort., hence the Goddess is named Kottai Mariamman.
Mariamman graces in a sitting form with 8 hands. She holds snake, trident, skull and bell in the right hand, bow, a bowl and weapons on the left.
Temple History:-
 During the 18th century, there was only a small peeta and the idol of the deity. The army men of Tippu Sultan built a small mutt and installed the idol, which today is the Kottai Mariamman and guardian deity of the people of Dindigul. There are three special entrances to the temple. The processions are arranged through the front entrance. Other entrances are close to the Fort. The temple celebrates a 20 day festival each year. KOTTAI MARI AMMAN THAYE CHARANAM!


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