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Kongalamman temple , Erode

Kongalamman temple , Erode

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    KOngu Nadu   was an integral part of Tamil Nadu   , which spread over the present day Erode and Coimbatore  districts  .The  Tamil speaking people of Kongu Nadu  seem to have a great culture  of their own. Kongalamman is the guardian  deity  of Kongu Nadu and her temple  is situated  in the  Erode town of Tamil Nadu .The wall writings on the temple indicate that it is a very  ancient one .Most probably  the temple was located in the  Adhi Kongalamman temple in Anangur , which is a village  near Erode town. It seems  about 150 years back some thieves were  trying to steal the idol of Kongalamman from Erode temple . When they reached Anangur , they heard a voice from the sky   telling them that  if she is stolen from there  , they would face great danger. The thieves left the Goddess  there itself and ran away,Next day the people of  Anangur found the statue of Amman and built a temple for her there.The people of Erode then got made another idol and consecrated there  in the Erode temple .So before the Chariot  festival of the Erode temple  , the Goddess  Adhi Kongalamman  at Anangur would be  worshipped. People believe that Kongalamman  would guide them  in the day today administration of the village. It seems when a discussion was going on , in side the temple whether to have Kalingarayan Canal , The Goddess told them to build it. Kongalamman  has eight  hands   and  is believed to fulfill all the  needs of her devotees..Even today , when water is being collected for the temples in Erode town,  a part of it is first given to Kongalamman and the rest is taken to their respective temples. There is a Prathyangira Devi temple in side this temple with five temple trees. People with Sarpa Dosha  come to this temple  and by worshipping the Goddess  get rid of their Dosha., The temple also has mahishasura Mardini, Madurai Veeran, Karupaanna Chami, the sapthe mathrikas , The Saptha Kanni   and Pechi Amman temple   inside it.The chariot festival of the temple is on the Month of Thai on the  Poosam day.There is special worship of the temple  during all Fridays in the moth of Aadi. The temple is open from 6 Am to 8 PM.

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