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Nannilam Madathi Amman temple

Nannilam  Madathi Amman temple

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   Madathi was the   youngest sister of seven brothers. After the early expiry of her parents, her brothers looked after her well. Though  a rich man called Vadavedu Mirasudar was in love with her , her  brothers gave her in marriage to a person in the near by village .The rich Mirasdar started visiting the village where Madathi was living often and her husband became jealous,Once when Madathi went to attend  a festival in a near by village , her son  wanted to ride in the giant wheel. When Madathi and her son got in to it, the Mirasdar   who was there  also got in to the same coach as her.When her brothers came to know about it, they felt that Madathi has  insulted their family and chopped off her head., The head of Madathi which fell on the earth cursed her brothers that, their children also would become orphans like her son. Slowly one by one all her brothers died and the entire village  which found fault with her   was completely destroyed. Her Village Cherankulam built a temple  for her at the spot where   she was killed.The temple which was a hut for the  past  two hundred years has now been built as a strong temple. She has become the Clan Goddess   for many people in the village .One peculiarity of this temple is that  sacrificing animals never take place there as she had ordered her people like that..Daily the priest anoints her with one big pot of water   and Closes down the temple  .Her devotees are   trying their best   to  start normal worship for her. Since the house of her priest is in the same village, devotees can go any day and worship  the Goddess


  1. very great temple and amman madathi powerful god

  2. sir
    Where the temple is located .I read an article in a magazine long back about this temple.Please tell me where the temple is located

  3. This temple is located in tuticorin dist, sathankulam taluk,
    pannamparai village, via sathankulam to tiruchendur road is god verry power full,

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