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Velipettai angalamman temple , Dharmapuri

Velipettai angalamman temple  , Dharmapuri

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     The temple of Angalamman is situated   in Dharmapuri town of Tamil Nadu.Though the main deity of the temple  is angalamman  who sits below the umbella held by the serpent holding a  small drum  , rope , sword  and skull   with fire as her   crow. Before  entering her temple is Nandi  and on her left side in Nagar(*serpent). On her right side is  Durga  in a separate   sub temple.In front of her is her primeval  form which was  being  worshipped in early times. Outside the sanctum is Ganesa  , Madhurai veeran  , Bommiyamman    and vellayamman. Pavazha  mali tree and white Arali tree   are the temple trees .On full moon(POurnami) ,on new moon(Amavasya)  , Fridays and  Tuesdays   special worship is done to Angalamman .Chithra pournami  , Adi pathinetteu , Navarathri   and Maha Sivarathri are  celebrated   at the temple. The main festival is  around the Maha Shivarathri day.  After   the flag is hoisted for the festival ,  for one week , the  the goddess  goes in a procession around the village around 7 Pm. On the last day of those 7 days  , the marriage of the mother is celebrated..On that day the Goddess goes out in a glass chariot at night.That day newly harvested from several fields on the way are  offered to her. Two days later  early morning at 1 Am , five dolls of different colours made  of Maida  is taken to the cremation ground and they are  smashed there,This is called Pancha Mukha Vettu festival.It is believed that  the Goddess protects the villagers because of this. On that day at 10Am , the goddess travelling on a Bootha(ghost) goes to the cremation ground.  Three days later a festival called Pillai Pavu   is celebrated. It is believed that  ladies without children would get children by participating in this festival.
       The temple  is about 1 km from the Dharmapuri town Bus stand.It is daily open from 6 Am to 12 noon  and later  between 4.30 Pm to 8 Pm,

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