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Inampuliyur Sabari vara Mariamman temple

Inampuliyur Sabari vara  Mariamman temple

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   Inamnpuliyur village   is near Puliyur   near Trichy town of Tamil Nadu. It seems several hundred years back, the cow herds and goat hers of the village noticed that a particular place of the   forests was avoided for grazing both by the  goats as wll as cows..One day they all joined together   and when they searched , they found a statue of Mariyamman lying there. When they informed the villagers about it, they decided to build a temple for that  Nariyamman in the spot she was found. Slowly the villages realized the power of the Goddess and a fairly big temple   was built in that place. The Goddess is in the sitting pose   and is facing the east..She has a very peaceful face and the devotees   who go worried there returnrd with great peace in their mind.. On the left of the Mariamman Sannidhi is  the temple for Karuppannaswami .Daily  only a ghee lamp is showed to the Goddess  ,But on the first day of Tamil as well as  English montha  , Fridays of Aadi  month, full moon and new moon days, special pooja and Abhisheka are  offered to the  Goddess,Sivarathri is  celebrated in a grand scale. After the  worship on day  Chundal made of  THattai Payaru  is  distributed. In the month  of Chithirai (april –may) , there is a festival in the temple for three  days. On the second day Pongal is offered to the Goddess  and Mavilakku (A lamp on rice powder mixture)  is observed, In the evening of the second day  devoteescarry milk pots, walk over burning fire  and so on when the Goddess  comes out to see  her people. On the third day, she is given bath in turmeric water.  Devotees believe that  they would get children if they attend the third day celebration,.
      The temple trees are Banyan and Peepul  tree , both of which are  several centuaries old. People desiring children hand baby cradles on the Peepul tree . Next to  the temple   is a structure called Amma Mandapam . Here the people getting b pox diseases are brought and are given the sacred   water from the temple . It seems they get cured   very fast..

        The temple is open between 6 am to 8 Am  and 5 PM to 8 PM.  From Chathiram bus stand of Trichy town buses go to Puliyur and from there   this temple  is about one km away.

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