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Cheruppalur Mutharamman temple

Cheruppalur  Mutharamman temple
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  Cheruppalur is a small village in Kanyakumari district.  It seems once upon a time this place was filled with Madhuca  (Iluppai tree) trees.Once THumburan Sami  and Bhodathan Sami (two village Gods) were walking by that road To Cheru[[alur and took rest below the  Iluppai trees. At the time there was a great epidemic in Cheruppalur and people were   dying like flies, They all went to a Mutharamman temple in a place called Yeethan Kadu and prayer her as well as the God(devan)  there to save them., The goddess Mutharama and Devan agreed and while they were coming to   to Cheruppalur , they happened to    see THamburan Sami    and Bhodathan sami , and they decided  to stay there  itself and then they protected   the people from the great epidemic.The grateful people   built a temple for Mutharamman  as well as Devan..When the regular   worship was being done there , the priest noticed the growth of an anthill there..Scared that it may spoil the   statue of the Goddess , he broke   that anthill..Next day another   ant hill grew up and he felt something is there  behind it and summoned the astrologer, who told them that They have to install   a  Ganesa statue at the place where   the   anthill appeared.
   Another time , there was an epidemic of  Smallpox in that village,. All villager appealed to Mutharamman.  On the 8th day small pox disappeared  from the village  and on the same day  , a well in the temple crashed   and closed itself. When  astrologers were called that   the small pox affecting the village was put in the well   and it has disappeared for ever . It was also seen that they could dig another well.

   In the sanctum sanctorum of the temple are  Mutharamman and the devan  and outside   separate small temples have been built for  Ganesa, THampuran Swami  , Bhothathan  , Cholla Madan and Nagaraja. In the Panguni (March-April) month  every year there is a five day festival in the temple. On the fifth day, Mutharamman and DEvan come out of the temple and go round the village  If the Amman is worshipped for seven weeks  , umnmarried people would   get   married and also childless couple would get children.People also believe that   all diseases get cured by praying to Amman. The temple is open from 6 Am-9 AM in the morning   and 5 PM   to 8 PM in the evening.The temple  is ion the road connecting Marthandam and Pechiparai  , about 9 km away from Marthandam of Kanyakumari district.

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