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Thimmarayan samuthiram Suyambu Nagamani Devi temple

Thimmarayan samuthiram  Suyambu  Nagamani  Devi temple
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        Thimmarayan Samuthiram  is on the road from Thiruvanaikkaval temple   and Kallanai in the  TRichinopoly town. On the road while proceeding from THiruvanaikkaval , on the left side    you would be able to see   a 12 feet  ant hill.This ant hill is the sanctum sanctorum of the temple  , which is 400   years old.Nearby there are   steps going down and if you get down   there is a pretty temple there. It seems initially , only  a Karuvela tree  near that anthill   was worshipped as Nagamma. And over time that  ant hill itself became the   sanctum sanctorum of the  Nagamma idol. This idol has a lady goddess face on the top portion   and the bottom  is the usual Shivalingam. Once decorated  it only looks like the statue of the Goddess. This  idol faces north and on both sides   there are guardian goddesses, Next to idol of Nagamma in front of the anthill below the Karuvela Maram are the statue  of Kali and outside the anthill is the statue  of Angala  Parameshwari.People say that   several  serpents live in the anthill and once in a while come out.In the front of the temple , there adols of Kali   and Pechiyamman. In the middle   there is a Soola and statue of a lion. On the  outer Prakara   of the temple are Mahalinga Sastha, KOmbareswarar, Kamakshi Amman, Kalinga Narthanar , Seven mothers, Mahalakshmi   and Anjaneya.
   Angala Parameshwari  , Samayapurathu Bhagawathi , Karuppu Chami, Muneeswarar and Madhuraiveeran  are inside the compound of the temple and are   considered as guardian gods.. There is gooseberry (Nelli) tree  in the temple  and below it  are  Bhairava , Sudalai Madan   and Sambuga moorthi.. The temple tree is a neem tree and possibly to indicate   that the temple is  the Temple of three goddesses, It has split in to three  branches. The Hastha star  and Sashti thidhi  in Thai  month(January-February)  is considered as  the founding day of the temple and is celebrated  as a festival..The mud from the anthill   in the temple is considered to have medicinal properties and the Prasada of the temple , is this mud mixed in water used for anointing the Goddess. Full moon day   of every month is also   celebrated as  a  festival . The poojas and anointing of the Gods are done before 8.30 Am    and the temple opens to devotees only after that . On Sundays in Rahu Kala the Goddess  is anointed with milk. Devotees believe that by participating  in the milk  Anointing , all  doshas would go away , Marriage problems would be solved and  Son would be born.
 Going round the temple three times and tolling the temple bell three times is supposed to fulfill our wishes,. The temple  is open between 8.30 Am to  7 PM..Thimmaraya Samuthiram is situated 4 km away   from Thiruvanaikkaval on the Kallanai road.

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