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Kuisai Mutharamman temple of Kulashekarapattinam

Kuisai  Mutharamman temple  of Kulashekarapattinam
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      Kulashekara  pattinam  is located   near THiruchendhur of Tamil Nadu , and is 55 km from THoothukudi. It seems there was a Swyambhu idol  of Lord  Shiva in the village   and the Goddess appeared in the  dream of    a worker  (king Kulashekara?)   and requested him  to get her an idol of her made   through the  priest who was coming from Kulisai  and she also  appeared in the dream of the priest  and instructed   him    , how she wants her idol made. The idol was installed along with the Swayambu Shiva Linga (jnanamoortheswarar) facing north. But though it is a Shiva temple  maximum importance is given to Goddess Mutharamman only   .Navarathri is celebrated   in a great manner in this temple.People believe inaugurating any venture during the festival with the blessings   of the Goddess   would lead it to great success .Lakhs   of People assemble in the temple for attending the festival,. Some people dress up like kali after  observing  very strict penance for 41 days  during Navarathri and worship the Goddess .  They also can dress up like  any other Gods they wish depending on what for they are praying . Rahu dosham is removed by dressing as Durgai  , financial status improves   if they dress up as Viswakarmeshwarar  , Wealth accumulates if they dress up  like Parvathi, Long life if they dress up as Muruga  , sickness cured if they dress up like Krishna  , Get power   if they dress up as Mahishasura mardini  ,  Get salvation by dressing up as Nataraja    and  Education improves if they dress up  as Goddess  Saraswathi. Apart from this an Adi Kodai festival for three days   and the Chithirai festival is also celebrated.

  The temple is open    from 6.30 Am to 1 Pm   and 4 PM to 9 PM. On ordinary days   and 5 AM   to 9 PM on festival days.

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