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Karumandapam Ilamkattu Mariyamman

Karumandapam Ilamkattu Mariyamman

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      It seems there was a  Mariyamman in a village called Ilamkadu without any place to stay..Shhe appealed to her elder sister  “Samayapuram Mariyamman” .She advised her.”Many people going  on a pilgrimage to Pazhani would pass through your village. yOu join them.When you reach the town of Uchi pillayar koil, Kali and Karuppachami would prevent you from going further..You stay there.”  As her her advice Ilamkattu Mariyamma came and was stopped near in a place called “Karumandapam” in Trichy..Intially she was staying in a hut constructed by the people. Now it is a permanent temple
     The temple faces the east. As soon as we enter, you can see Karupannachami sitting on a horse on your left  side.Om the western side you would find Pillayar, Nagar and on the north  the idol of Vishnu Durga. The Mariyamman has a peaceful look iN the month of Vaikasi there  is a ten day festival in this temple.Apart from several celebrations, walking  on fire   is also observed.
   Aadsi pooram is celebrated  in a grand scale in this temple. That day the Goddess  is decorated with One Lakh bangles. These would be later  distributed among ladies
  On Fridays The goddess is offered  Rose flower garlands and devotees  pray for early marriage and child birth. As soon as their desires are fulfilled   , they offer a  Sari to the Goddess.People going on Pilgrimage to Pazhani by this way  , take rest at this temple.

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