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Vandambalai Mahasakthi Mariyamman temple

Vandambalai  Mahasakthi Mariyamman temple

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      This temple is situated in the banks of river Cauvery   6 km away from Thiruvarur in the Thiruvarur-Mayiladuthurai   road. It is a very huge temple  facing the east. You first see  the forms of Ashta Lakshmis as  soon you enter the temoke.On the left site Karuppayi Amman who holds Subrahmanya on his lap  has a small temple.Ladies without children  come here to worship the Goddess  They take the rice an turmeric powder   home. They add the rice to the rice copoked daily and apply the turmeric on themselves after bath..It seems within 48 days , they will be in a family way. They all come back and offer pOngal to this Goddess.Next you would come across Pechayi Amman.U It is believed she removes  all attacks  of black magic on all villagers. Then there is a temple of Kalludayaan  who is the family god of many people of this area..Then towards right you would  see Karupanna sami riding on An elephant..Ift is a custom to salute him and then only enter the main temple.Then you enter the temple of Maha sakthi mariyamman.She is supposed to cure all pox diseases. Amman has a yen day  festival in the  Chithirai month.Daily the Amman comes out amd visits the villagers When you come  out of the temple on your lrft you would see Kathavarayan, Aryamb, Bommi and Thottikati  Chinnan  . The temple is open from 9 Am to 8 Pm.

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