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Thoppampatti Soolathamman

Thoppampatti Soolathamman

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THoppampatti   is on the road between  Coimbatore and Mettupalayam..You can take autos or buses  to reach this village  from Coimbatore Junction. There is an interesting story about  how the temple of Goddess here.
   It seems one cultivator purchased a small piece of land  from his friend, after  taking loan..In that land, in a corner there  was a neem tree.Below that tree , there was a  statue of A goddess, which was mostly buried in side.The purchaser was requested by the seller to  worship that Goddess..He  also did it without fail. Then he started  planting coconut trees and inter crops in the land that  he purchased.. Slowly that area became a part of the town, and houses  camp up all aroung that piece of land.People living there started  worshipping that Goddess.But since the Goddess was in a deep pit  , they found it difficult to worship her,. Then the cultivator  constructed a compound wall around his property. Then The goddess was just outside  the wall in a pit   and only about 9” of her  visible.tHen the worship to the Goddess  was stopped and evil things  started appearing  in all surrounding areas..A priest  cum astrologer was consulted and he told  that the stopping of worship of the Goddess  was the  reason for all their troubles. When they approached the cultivator , he agred them to remove the Goddess from there  and consecrate in another place. When they dug out the Goddess they found, she was more than five feet tall and was holding a trident and on the top of the statue, Sun and moon were  sculpted. Experts who examined the statue told that it was at least 600  years old. People  started calling Soolathamman  and shifted  her to a temporary  shed. They all felt   they were becoming  very fortunate..They built a permanent stone temple for her. They also  consecrated Mariamman,  Vishnu sakthi and Shiva Shakthi in side the temple.Neem tree was  adopted as the temple tree. First day of Chithirai month   and on all Fridays of Adi months are celebrated in the temple, The  temple is kept open from  7 am to 10.30 am  and 6 pm  to 8 pm. On Tuesdays   Fridays , in the evening  temple is open from 7 PM to 8 Pm.

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