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Vazhumuneeswarar-Kathayi temple at Karunkanni

Vazhumuneeswarar-Kathayi temple    at Karunkanni

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  Once it seems the sage brungi wanted only to go round Shiva and not Parvathi. After this the Goddess  requested Lord Shiva to give hw his body to her. When Lord Shiva told that this can only be done with great penance, GoddesParvathi  came to warth along with 64 Yogins and started going on a pilgrimage  to different Shiva temples. On her way she came to Ujjain which was at that time ruled  by seven brothers called Akasa veera Agni veera etc. They were bad people and ordered the Goddess  to be their wife.She childed them and shouted at them.Since they did not go away she praued to Lord Vishnu  , Lord Brahma r etc who appeared  there in person. Hgod Vishnu took a Viswa roopa  and destroyed  Agni veera.Since he touched the sky he was  called Van-muni. The other sages  also took mega forms like that of Lord  Vshnu and killed all the seven kings. The mega form of Agasthya was called as “Chemmuni(red sage). The other sages like Narada, Parachara  took mega forms which were calledMuthu muni, Karu muni , Veda muni  etc and started protecting the Goddess.Then Veera muthu the son of Agni veera    came for a battle.When Vaazhmuni (Lord Vishnu)  was about to kill him, his wife requested  Lord Vishnu to spare hi,So Lord Vishnu appointed  Veera Muthu to be security to the Amman temple.,He also created  goddesses  Vengadamalai Nachiyaer, Ponkurathi nachiyar , Anai kurathi, mudiyaal Azhaki and Vana Kurathi and instructed them to look after the Goddess.He also created a lady form merging himself with Ganges, who was keeping  Lord Subrahmanya  on her lap. He named  her as Kathayi..They went on visiting several Shiva temples and arrived at Naga Pattinam, which was called as  Capital of Shiva places..Then Goddess Parvathi requested g her assistants   to search for aplace which was suitable for meditation and was alone  for some time At thay time a local devotee approached  her and took him to hgis home.Goddess liked that home, At that time, her assistants found a place   on the banks of Vellaru river, where  a Mahalinga tree  and Macizha tree   were growing together. The Goddess started her penance there. Vaazhmuni  , Chemmuni  , Karumuni, Muthumuni, Veda muni and poomuni stayed outside   as security guards to her. After some time when she started   to Kanchipura for doing further meditation, the villagers approached her and requested   her to live there itself., She promised them she would after becoming a part of Lord Shiva. And asper her word she came there.Lord Shiva took the name of M
     Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays are   important days in the  temple,Pachayamman is offered POngal, Kathayi is offered Maa vilakku, Varamuneeswara  Milk pongal and Periyachi Amman is offered non vegetarian dishes. Pachayamman consideres Nagapattinam as her  mothers place and goes there along with Kathayi Anmman for 15 days  in a year in the month of Aadi.During this time  no worship   is offered in the main temple. On Aani third she returns back. This temple is situated in the Nagapattinam –Thiruthuraipoondi road  on the banks of a river called Uppathankarai, The temple is open from 9 am-12 noon  and between 5 Pm to 6 Pm.

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