Monday, July 25, 2016

Kodungayoor Nagathamman

Kodungayoor  Nagathamman

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  Once  KOdungayoor was  a prosperous  farming village.Near a big pond there   several snakes were living.Near that place there was a banyan tree. The villages consecrated  three Nagars  under a thatched roof below that  banyan tree and they were worshipped as  the Gods of the village. The village slowly became a part of a city  ,Then about 50 years back the villagers  erected a permanent structure   and along with the three Nagars   , they also consecrated an Amman. She was called  as Nagathamman..The temple was called “Sri Devi Nagathamman temple” . There is a  very big pond before the temple.There is a separate temple for Lord Subrahmanya   along with Valli and Devayanai    in the temple complex
    In the sanctum sanctorum the Goddess  appears befre an umbrella of serpent  holding   in her right hand a sword and a hand drum  and Soola  , pot of Kumkum  in her left hand . On the platform  where Amman is consecrated there ois a head of Amman also.
   Those who  light a ghee lamp and worship her are blessed  with children, long life  , health  ,removal of problems due to loan,  removal of problem of stoppage of education etc.People pray her for removal of Naga  dosha in their horoscope .  ON the right side of the sanctum below  the Banyan tree  the nagas who were consecrated originally are    also there. The specialty of Nags is that   each of them are seen holding a Shiva linga. There are also temples of Ganesa and Gajalakshmi behind it.
   Rahu kala pooja are performed on all  Fridays and Tuesdays,Special poojas   are done on full moon days and sankada  hara chathurthi days, Vaikasi visakham, Naga chathruthi and Adi pooram are   also celebrated.There is a special worship of lamps on the first Friday of tHai month.On Chithra  pournami day there is a festival of pots of milk.
   From Kannadasan Nagar bus stop , Madras-118, the temple is 2 km away.It is  in the 7th street of Ever ready colony. ON normal days temple is open between 7.30 am to  10.30 am   and 5.30 pm to 8 pm.On special days  and Fridays it is open from 7.30 aM to 12 noon and 3 Pm to 8 Pm.

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