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Ambagarathur Bhadra Kali amman temple

Ambagarathur  Bhadra Kali amman temple
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   This temple is located near Karikkal town and very near to Thirunallaru temple. The Goddess in this temple is the fierce form of Kali called  BhadraKali. It seems once upon a time a Rakshasi called Madhanalolai tried to tempt sage Durvasa and he cursed her. As a result two   sons called Ambaran and Amban were born to her. They were very cruel and started troubling the world.  . . When Indra, Brahma and Vishnu   went and complained about  them   to Lord Shiva, he sent Bhadra Kali to kill them. At that time Ambara took the form of a buffalo and dashed against the Goddess. She cut off his head using her sword.  The devas requested Goddess Kali to live in that place and protect the people of the  world and  she stood there facing the north (Vatabhadra Kali) . She agreed and   started living there. Since she killed Ambaran there, that place was  names as Ambargalathur. She is an extremely powerful Goddess and devotees in thousands visit her on Tuesdays and Fridays at Rahu kalam. On full moon day there is special worship to this Goddess. People who have pain or suffering in their limbs , came to the temple and offer a statue of the limb made in silver to this Goddess. Women waiting for marriage come to this temple on Fridays and light a lamp  at Rahu Kalam., The temple is open from 7am to 1 Pm and 4 Pm to 9 Pm.
  The major festival of the temple is Poo Choriyal(Raining of flowers) . This festival starts at the end of the Chithirai month.    The temple has a wrbsite which gives all information about the temple  . Please refer

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