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Ariyalur Kottai Muniappan Koil

Ariyalur Kottai Muniappan Koil
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   Ariyalur is a small town near  the city of Trichy.  Like all other places, this was  also once up on a time a village  .  The village  temple of Muniyayappan    was  called Kottai Muniappan , though there was no fort there, because those villagers believed that this Muniappan would protect them like fort.

      This temple is situated in the open ground below a Peepul tree  near the Nirmala school near the main  burs stop of the town.  Except for two small idols of Kottai Muniappan  and Kottai Mariyamman guarded by the mud statue of Madurai veeran  ,there are large number of spears   driven in to the ground before the temple. In spite of it the look of the temple is awesome and creates fear.  People believe that this Kottai Muniyappan came in the dream of the king and requested him to build a temple for him , with a promise   that he would guard the village  . Inspite of the ancient look of the temple, Without honouring Muniyappan no important   decisions are taken in that village. Most of the babies have their first hair cut in this Muniyappan temple only. There is a festival once in a  year and during that time people come carrying milk pots and anoint him with milk and pongal is prepared and offered at his temple. People who  pray him for benefits ,  buy a spear and drive it on earth before him.. All the villagers when they go out to eke their living in other place take a fist of mud from this temple  and worship it daily 

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