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Thakaraveli Mariamman Temple

Thakaraveli Mariamman Temple
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       Thakara veli is a very small village  in Thanjavur district of Tamil Nadu. This village is situated on the road between  THiruthuraipoondi and Thiruvarur near Alathambadi village  . The goddess called Ayiram Kannudayal( Goddess of thousand eyes) and  Mahamai(great enchantress) who hasa temple there is considered as extremely powerful This Mariamman is also  called Puthadi Mariamman as   her idol is supposed to have risen out of an anthill. This village which rarely has  visitors is visited by Lakhs of people   during the  temple festival  of this Mariamman.People believe that she is all powerful and cures all diseases. When some devotee is cured he is brought in a village coffin( Paadai)  by people and placed   before the goddess . Unlike many other Maiyamman temples  , this Goddess does not accept sacrifice of animals. However devotees bring lakhs of goat and hen and release them in the temple and go back. The festival is a very grand affair   .But I could not get either the timings of the temple or the time of the festival.

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