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Ariyakurichi Vettudayaar Kali Amman

Ariyakurichi Vettudayaar Kali Amman
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    Ariyakurichi is  a small village which is about 15 km from Sivaganga town on the road to Thondi . There was a temple of Ayyanar deep in forest with path covered by stones and thorns, This temple was looked after and worshipped by two  brothers  Kari Velaar   and Karuppa velar. Kari Velar went to Kerala learnt magic  and Manthra Sasthra   came back and went inside the thorny forest, cut the idol of Ayyanar from the ground and brought is outside   in the Ariyakurichi village. When he was consecrating the idol of Ayyanar,. Kari Velar  saw the  magical Words written on the ground and realized that the place where they are consecrating the  idol had been chosen by Kali   to do her penance. And so he consecrated a Kali idol also in the temple. Since the Ayyanar was cut from his place , he was called Vettudayar(one who has a cut) and the kali in the temple also was referred to as Vettudayar Kali . Over time the importance and power of Kali grew many folds and the temple now is referred to as Vettudayar Kali temple.
      There is a epic story behind Kali. It seems once goddess Parvathi playfully shut the eyes of Lord Shiva. Because of that darkness spread all over the world and  Parvathi also became jet black. This form of Parvathi is called Kali. For getting rid of the sin of making the world dark for a moment Kali had to do penance in our world. At that time she killed Chandasura who was giving lot of trouble to Devas and also men. Then Devas requested Kali to kill Chandasura. The place where they requested came to be known as Deva Kottai.  . The place where Kali came before them and consented to help them  was Called Kandadevi. The place where   Kali fought with Chandasura and destroyed his flag as well   as Charriot   was later called   as Kodikulam. The place she won over him was called as Vethiyur and later named as Thiruvethiyur.. The place where the grateful devas worshipped Kali    with flowers   was known as Poongudi.  Then Kali started penance towards Lord Shiva   so that her black colour would go away  and the  unintentional error that she committed is pardoned in Ariyaa kurichi( Ariyaa-means without knowing)  Kali   is seen sitting there , with her right leg folded and left leg hanging, with eight hands  in which she holds various weapons , as if she is doing penance. Ayyanar on the other hand  is sitting with his right leg folded and folding his left leg, With a flame as his cap   , wearing Dhothi in the Pancha Kacha style  and tying the Yogic  cloth on his waist  along with Poorna and Pushkala. Opposite to the Kali temples , the idols of  Hanuman, Meenakshi Sundareswara, Cholaimaali, Vishnu Karuppachami , Veerappachami  . Muniyappa Chami , Pechiamman , Solattukali   and Bhairava are consecrated. Among them the solattu kali attracts us more. Opposite to the Ayyanar statue  There is his elephant steed. In this temple daily early morning the sun’s rays falls on Ayyanar in the morning and on Kali in the evening
      It Seems when the British were hunting for Velu Nachaiar who was fighting the British  for freedom.  A General called James smith came near the temple in search of her. There he saw a young girl tending the cattle. When he asked about the whereabouts of Velu Nachaiar , the girl replied, “ I know where she is but will not tell you.” The furious  General cut off the head of the girl without realizing    That it  was The Vettudayar ayyanar.  Later it seems Velu Nachiar gave several gifts to the temple including her Diamond studded Mangalya.
     After some time people thinking that it is not proper to worship a cut statue wanted to change it .  But at that Time Ayyanar entered a girl and she told, “ I am in the form which is suitable to Kali   age and so leave out this plan.”
   There is a  very peculiar form of prayer in this temple which involves cutting a coin and putting it  in a cage   in this temple. Those who are not getting what is due for them   take a Coin, pray Ayyanar  and Kali   ,,cut the coin and  put it in this cage. It Seems Kali sees to it that what is justifiably due to them  would reach  them  quickly. People with children whose speech is late come to this  temple and   their children start speaking soon. People also pray here to meet their old friends. Devotees also pray the Goddess for getting children and to get married

    In  front  of Vettudayal Kali there is a flag post  On Swathi Nakshtra day in the month of Panguni a great festival is celebrated in this temple for 12 days..On the ninth day there  is also a chariot festival.. On 18th day of Adi month there is a poo Choriyal(shower with flowers) , on last Friday of adi month  there is a lamp  festival , During Navarathri the Goddess comes out on a horse steed.  There is a book called “Vettudayal Veera Chakram” which extols her greatness. The Temple tree is Eecha maram (wild dates?) 

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