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Kadayur Vellaimmal Koil

 Kadayur Vellaimmal Koil
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    Vellaiammal   who was extremely white was born in a rich family  of “Porul thantha Muzhukkathar kula” , who belonged to the Kongu Velalar caste  .Her rich parents were not able to find a suitable groom for her. At that time a labourer called Kangeyan came   to the village for Adhikarumapuram to  herd to look after the cattle belonging to the village. Seeing that he was very handsome and honest , the parents of Velliammal    wanted to make   him as their son in law. Kangeyan was agreeable to the marriage provided his parents consented for the match. The parents of Velliammal approached the parents of Kangeyan and they were agreeable for the marriage. At that time Kangeyan who was poor demanded some land for himself so that he can till the land and live.  This was also agreed to. Kangeyan married Velliammal and continued  to live in her house.   They  had three sons. By this time the parents of Velliammal died. So her brothers , who did not want to give her any share of the property   one day took Kangeyan to the foret and killed him and spread the news that he was missing.  At that time Velliammal was in the family way  . Her brothers drove her away along with her sons saying that  , she bore that child to somebody    else  and her virtue was in Doubt.  When she was walking alonge with her three sons in a lonely forest, the Sardar of the place came driving on a horse in that path. Though Velliammal tried to hide herself in a bush , he found her out. When he came to know about the story of Valliammal, he sent word to her brothers. They insisted  that Velliammal  was bearing the child of someone else after the death of her husband Kangeyan.SArdar insisted that it was only a false story. Then the brothers laid down a  test of virtue of Velliammal. They told that  she should bring water in a unbaked mud pot from the river  , sprinkle it on the mud horse   of Kadyeswarar temle. Then the mud horse should shiver. Then she  should sprinkle the water  on the Dead wood meant for hanging people  and that should sprout leaves. The Sardar said this test was very harsh and Velliammal need not undergo   these tests.But to prove that she was virtuous and that her brothers were telling a lie , Velliammal agreed to undergo the test. Without any difficulty she brought  water in an unbaked mud pot , sprinkled water on the mud horse and made it shiver.  Then she sprinkled the water  on the dead tree and made it sprout with leaves. The people of the village    and the Sardar drove away her brothers and gave all her father’s property to her. She  delivered one more son and lived for a long time. The people of the village considered as Goddess   and  after her death installed a statue  in the Kadaeswarar temple. The clan of her four sons consider her as their clan goddess and maintain her statue  in the kadeaswarar temple . Her story is also painted on the walls of that temple. People facing any  type of family problems come and worship her  and get rid of their problems. All her  clan members bring their children to this temple for the ear boring ceremony. Kadayur is  6 km away from Kangeyam on Kangeyam  Coimbatore road. The temple is open from 5.30 Am to 7 PM.  The famous Tamil cinema actor  Shiva Kumar considers Vellaimmal as his family God.

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