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Thurayur Angala Parameswari temple

Thurayur  Angala Parameswari temple
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   Thurayur is a small town near Trichy. This temple is situated about 2 km from the Thurayur bus stand. This temple is approximately 300 years old and has a door facing east. As soon as we enter the temple  on our left is the temple of Aghora  Veera Bhadra and next to it is the Kuthirai  Veeran(Hero on horse.) , Pavadai Rayan , Isakki Amman, Periyannachami, Muthu Karuppannachami , Thengu perumal and Rahu kala Durga.  On the right side is Madurai veeran and next to it near the entrance of the main temple are Lord Ganesa     and Lord Subrahmanya. On both sides of   the temple are  two huge Dwara Palakis( security  guards to Goddess ) . In the sanctum sanctorum is the smiling Angala Parameswari in a sitting pose with four hands. Side by side are Maheswari, Mahishasura Mardini  , Vaishnavi , Brahmi and Durga     idols.  There is also a temple for Pechi Amman having a child in her lap and  Periya Nayagi  who is about 9  feet tall  in the lying down pose. The temple tree   is the ber tree(Ilanthai  tree)  and nearby is the Karuppa Sami who is in standing pose playing the flute,
        The story of the temple is as follows. It seems a son of Goddess Parvathi called Kathava Rayan was guarding her house but he was very mischievous  and when the seven maids complained to Lord Shiva , he came there to punish Kathavarayan. Being a mother  ,  the Goddess wanted to protect her son and gave   the boon of immortality  (vega chudalayil  chaga varam-His body would never be burnt in cremation ground) . Shiva got further enraged and cursed that  Goddess  Parvathi  to leave his left side of the body   and be   be born in earth . Lord Vishnu who was her brother came with her to help her. Kathavarayan also got reformed and started helping her. The Goddess then became Angala Parameswari and started protecting people around Thurayur.
 There is another story  about a Vallala king  who was  ruling over this part of Tamil Nadu. He was a great miser. Though he was rich he did not have children .At last the king came to this temple for his prayers. Answering his prayers the queen became pregnant. But though 15 months were over , she did not deliver the child. With great pain in the heart the king and queen came to  this temple and begged the Goddess to help them. Immediately the goddess took the form of an old woman   came before them and took out the child from the queen with bare hands. Then that old woman took the a fierce form of Pechiamman and listening to the prayers of the royal couple took the form of the peaceful Angala Parameswari. The king got reformed and stated helping all people  generously.

     Shivarathri is an important festival in this temple  . A huge crowd of devotees  carrying huge pots of milk come to this temple and Angala Parameswari is anointed with milk. On Deepavali and the first of Chithrai month special worship is done to the Goddess. Ladies desirous of having children come to the temple of Pechiamman  and tie toy cradles in the tree nearby . Ladies desirous of getting married come and present Saris to Pechiamman. The temple is open  between 8 AM to 1 Pm   and from 4 Pm to 7 Pm. The temple is situated in the Chandai road of Thurayur.