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Periyasami Ayyanar of Chokkampatti(Kadayanallur)

   Periyasami Ayyanar of Chokkampatti(Kadayanallur)
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        This is a great Ayyanar temple   which is near Kadayanallur of Tirunelveli district  . This Ayyanar is housed in side a Shiva temple  .A  story tells about the Reason. Once sage Agasthya who was sent by Lord Shiva to the South India came to this Shiva temple, which had a Shiva linga consecrated by Lord Indra.  The saint  wanted to talk to Lord Shiva and called him “Karumshivalingame(Hey blackish Shiva linga) “ . But his voice was  stopped from reaching Shiva by a saint who was at that temple. When after two or three   times, Shiva did not answer him, Sage Agasthya was greatly upset and told ,”After some  time an Ayyanar would come here and your fame would reduce.”    As per the words of Sage Agasthya  , after some time the staute of Ayyanar accompanied  by his consorts  Poorna and Pushkala came out at the temple  near the Shiva linga . Also a  sacred bench identified as Goddess Rajarajeswari also appeared  . Slowly the fame of Lord Shiva at that temple reduced and the Ayyanar    became famous as  “Periyasami Ayyanar(Big God ayyanar).”
       In front of the temple the sacred river Karumba flows.(Karumbu in tamil means Sugarcane). People believe that to any one who takes bath in Karumba river and worships the gods of this temple., the bitter life would become sweet. If one climbs 18 steps from the river  he would reach in front of “Attadi Karuppasami”  sannidhi. After taking his permission and after worshipping Lord Ganesa, one has to enter the main temple. There is a God called “Koopitta  Chol thaduthavar(One who prevented the call being heard) and temples of  Kanni Vinayagar, Pal Vanna Nadhar , Madathi, Madasami, Veerabadrar , Sinnayyan, Ivar Raja , Draupadhi, Lada Sanyasi, Thavasu thambiran, Kartha Veeryarjunan, Kili udayar Sastha, Thalaikavar Udaya Sastha, Irulapasami, Kurukittan Sami, Peci, Kulapechi, Vana Pechi, Kadolai Pechi, Punamalai pechi, Bhodathar, Sangili Bhoodathar, Vana Durga, SAptha kanyas, BHairva  , Sandikeswarar etc. People who came with some request to God, tie a bell in this temple after their wants are fulfilled. Thousands of such bells are seen in this temple, There are large number of statues of cows, horses and elephants in this  temple. The Vilwa tree, which is the Stala Vruksha of this temple is seen behind these temples.
     There are two  very attractive white horse statues at this temple. Ayyanar rides on one and Poorna and Pushkala on the other, It seems during British rule one Britisher jeeringly asked the villagers whether  these horses would eat  grass. It seems they replied that  they will not only eat grass  but also poo.  Immediately it seems the Britisher threw some grass to these horses. It seems the horses ate    all the horses and went to poo also
   Another interesting story is about the priest   who was  detained very late one day asking help from Ayyanar. It seems Ayyanar promised him help and accompanied him till that priest reached  his house.
 The first of every Tamil month, the last Friday  of the Tamil month , New moon day of Thai month, Maha Sivarathri, Panguni uthram , the new year  day of Tamil year are celebrated in this month.

    Many pilgrims who go to Sabari Mala visit this temple on their way.

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