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Madhavaram Chelli amman temple

Madhavaram Chelli amman temple
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    Devi Mahathmyam tells that the Goddess Parvathi took seven forms to kill the asuras.  These Goddesses  were adopted as Village Goddesses  to protect them from natural epidemics and   natural calamities. One of the most important is Pidari Chelli amman.
    During the time of Pallava king  Nandivarman II  The Kailsasnadhar temple and  Karivaradaraja Perumal temple were built in Madavaram.. People believe that Chelli amman was  also consecrated then. It seems the king consecrated her facing  east but next day morning the temple was facing north.. Again and  agasin the king tried and same thing happened. It seems initially the idol was consecrated below a neem tree. In 1941  she was shifted to the present temple . Goddesses  Mariamma and Lakshmi Amma who have temples in Madhavaram are considered to be  her sisters and the Manjapakkam Ellaiamman is considered as  her  mother..
 Opposite the Goddess there is a Bali peeda  and a soola . Near to her the statues of seven maidens and Nagar(serpents) are also there.  Wednesday is considered as the most auspicious day for Chelliamman  and on that day she wears a green sari. The villagers of most of the surrounding villages to the temple consider her as their clan god. And before starting any important thing in their house, they come to the temple, offer Pongal to the Goddess  and then only take any important decisions. Similarly  if festivals are   to be celebrated in Mariamman and Lakshmi amman temples, unless Chelli  Amman gives permission, they do not celebrate.

 In the month of Avani a one day festival is celebrated in the temple.. On that day  she is decorated with care  and there are special worships. Around 9 Am, from Her mother’s (Manjapakkam Ellaimaan)   temple special gifts(cheer)  of the house of birth are brought to her temple accompanied by drums and music.. Then the Koozh varthal(Giving of gruel) ceremony takes place  .  Aroung 6 Pm   the festival comes to a close with  a  feast to her devotees. Then from next day Chelliamman  goes to all the villages    who  are her devotees and returns only after one month.

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