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Anai Malai Masani Amman temple

Anai Malai Masani Amman temple
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 This temple   is situated 14 km from Pollachi and 60 km from Coimbatore.    Unlike other Goddesses  , this Goddess is seen in the lying position  position that too in the burial ground. Burial ground in Tamil is called “Mayanam”   and possibly she might have been initially called “Mayana Sayani”. She is seen  with four hands , two of them are seen as raides up and two are lkept close to the earth.  Her devotees  believe that   she  can solve all their problems. They write their problem in a paper in a slip of paper and give it  to  her priest. They believe that within three weeks their problem would be completely solved.
 If her devotees are   troiuble by evil spirits  or if they suffer heavy losses in business  they approach the Goddess , appeal to the justice stone in front of her and grind chillies in the pestle and mortar  and apply it on her “Justice stone.” They believe that by doing this their problems   would be solved quickly. There are two entirely different stories about her   origin.
1.It seems that there was a king called Nannan who was ruling that forest area. It seems in his garden, on the banks  of The Aazhi river, there was a mango tree. He  had a law that no part of trhis mango tree including its fruits should be used by any one.. Once few ladies were taking bath  in the Aazhi river and one of them gathered a floating mango fruit which had fallen from this tree . As soon the king heard  this  the king passed a death sentence on that girl.  Though her father promised that he will give  gold equal to her weight and 81  elephants, that girl was put to death. .Then she was buried in a burial ground on the banks of Aazhi river. People later started seeing her movements in the burial ground and started worshipping her and she was addressed by them as “Mayana Sayani”   , It seems one of her lady friends killed king Nannan.
2.Another story has relation to the story of Rama. It seems when sage Viswamithra  took waway Ramand Lakshmana   to kill Thadaka and protect his   fire sacrifice, Goddess Parvathi appeared before Rama and gave him his statue . She it seems told Rama that if he worships her in the form on an idol,  she will ensure his victory. After Rama killed Thadaga , it seems he consecrated the idol of the Parvathi in the forest   itself  so that the world would be benefitted. It is also believed that Masani Ammam blessed Rama and gave him victory over Ravana.
       The temple is open for worship from 6 Am to 8 Pm.  Special worship is done on all  tuedays and Fridays , on Karthika days as well as on Full moon days. There is a 19 day long festival starting from the full moon day of  Thai month(  January-February.)  on the sixteenth day   there is a chariot festival as well walking on the fire pit by her devotees.. Adi Pooram  , Tamil New year day  and Navarathri atr also celebrated in the twmple. This temple also maintains its own web site

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