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Siravetti ayyanar of Melayur

Siravetti ayyanar of  Melayur

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   This temple is near   the tourist towmn of Poompuhar. , It seems once upon a time this entire area was covered with forest. One villager was eking out his living by cutting trees to fire wood. One day he cut a tree and made  it in to pieces and left for his home ,.Next day when he went back he saw that   all the   firewood have again joined together in to a living tree. That night Ayyanar came in his dream and told him that it was he who was in the form of a tree. He wanted that man to build a temple for him. The wood cutter went and told other villagers and they planted three stones and started worshipping them .Later a new  temple in that soulful surroundings was built for Ayyanar. Apart from Ayyanar , two security gods, Purmbudayan  and Nallasiva murthi also find place in that temple. People who get in to fight , robbery etc come and request Purambudayan to solve their problems  in writing . People believe that he solves them quickly .Nallasivamurthy was a saint who lived in these parts. His Samadhi is also inside  this temple and Nalla Siva Murthy statue is established on it.. On every new moon day , There is a special worship to this Ayyanar   from 6 Am to 10 Pm.  People believe that , if they participate in this worship , all their problems, like marriage , child birth sufferings of the family get solved.. All the pilgrims who come from outside stay that night in the temple and go only after participating in the next day’s worship at 4 Am.. This temple is near Dharmakulam on the Cheerkazhi-Poompuhar road   and would be open from 6 Am to 12 noon  and from 4 Pm to 7 Pm.

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