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Ezhai Katha Amman of Vellalur Nadu

Ezhai  Katha Amman of  Vellalur Nadu
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   The chozhas used to maintain armies in several places  in their country to protect  their kingdom.  One sucj group was called Ambalakarar  and who were stationed in Vellalur Nadu  near Sivagangai and their   job was to protect the kingdom  from the  sea robbers  . The chiefs of these castes were eleven in number  and they were called “Karaikararkal”  ,The Ezhai Katha Amman (Goddess who protected the poor) belonged to this caste.
   In Vellalur aboyut 900 years ago lived two sisters. The elder one though married did not have any children. The younger sister had about 8 children. The elder sister loved these children,  and fondled all of them. The younger sister  became jealous because of that. Other people told her that all her children will desert her and go with    her elder sister. One day  , when the elder sister came in search  of the kids, the younger sister  locked all her kids in the Chicken cage and told her sister that they were not there.  The elder sister  who happened to see the children in the cage , then said, “If they are not there, then they would not be there..” After she went back the younger sister   found that all her  kids had turned in to stone.  When her neibhbours saw this they advised   the younger sister  to   go and approach the elder sister.  The kind hearted elder sister then brought back to life all the kids. This elder sister was well known for helping poor people. After her death,  her clan members    started worshipping her as Goddess. The festival  of her temple starts on the last  Tuesday   of Avani or first Tuesday of Purattasi. And would continue for fifteen days.. Seven  small  girls are selected   ion the first day of the festival and  have to live in the temple for fifteen days.. On the fifteenth day these children carry   pots of milk  to the goddess  on the fifteenth day.

    People believe that praying this Goddess for anything connected with children would be answered positively. People believe that  prayers done on Tuesdays and Fridays  are more effective.. This temple is  ten km away on the Melur Sivagangai road., On Tuesdays and Fridays temple would be open from  9 am  to 2 Pm.

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