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Agaram Serathamman of the herb garden.

Agaram Serathamman of the herb garden.
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      Agaram is a village near Thamaraipakkam of  Thiruvallur district.  Nearby flows the Kosasthali river  . When water   flows in the river  , people  spend a lot of time near it , talking fishing etc. Once when people went to the river they saw an idol of the Goddess     on the side  of the river. She was caught in the slushy mud called  Cheru in Tamil. So they called her Cheru athu Amman( The Goddess  of the slushy mud near the river). Unlike other temples of Goddesses , these people decided to raise a garden of medicinal herbs around her temple . The people of the village have very great devotion to the Goddess  and great respect to the herb garden. Initially this temple was built as a small stone temple by the  Chethupakkam Jamin(land lord) . The members  of the the Family of Chethupakkam Jamin it seems used to carry water  in pots to the temple and daily anoint her. Last year the villagers have built a grand temple to the Goddess..People believe that the herb garden there   was planted by one sidhar  who lived  in the temple  long time back. When any one is disturbed or sad , people believe that just a visit to the Herb Garden and the temple  would make  them contended and happy. They also believe that if unmarried girls   with wet dress after bath  goes round the temple 11 times , she would get married soon. Similarly barren women would  become proud mothers if they go round    the temple 21 times. The temple is open from 7am to 12 noon   and again between 6 Pm to 8 Pm.

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