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Nadupatti Veeru Mallamma Koil

Nadupatti Veeru Mallamma Koil
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    Nadupatti  is a small village  in the Dindukkal – Madurai road  .Most of the settlers here are the Vokkaligas    from Karnataka.  Their major occupation once  upon a time was sheep  and goat rearing  . Normally  they  make the sheeps graze in the surroundings of the village itself. However   the goats are taken to the mountainous terrain for grazing. Once all the men and women of the village had gone   to the forests   which was nearby. A torrential rain started   and they were not able to go back to the village , where only children    and old people were there . All the children and people started crying due to great hunger.  Then  one  seven year old  girl  called Veeru Mallamma  milked all the white goats and gave its milk to children for three days. All the children and old people who were cured of their hunger   were happy  . When the parents  returned, they understood that it was due to Veerumallamma  that their clan was alive. So they considered her  as their God.

After some time a huge epidemic   spread  in that village. Veeru Mallamma that by giving her life , she will save all the villagers and did that too. The villagers built a small temple to her. Even today   the villagers believe   that the temple (called by them as” Maalai temple” –evening temple  ) protects them from all problems. Since they were   saved by the milk of the goat  , none of the villagers   eat the meat of the goats. Several miracles are ascribed to Veeru Mallamma, including her saving the life of her priest when he was critically ill.

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  1. Vanakkam .please provide any detail about "mallan".im desperately searching for our kula deivam for very long day im shown thing name in my dream.ayya plase advise if you have any details of all mighty.thanks